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Look what’s happening in Madison County.

Opportunities to enhance your gardening knowledge abound in your backyard. There is something for everyone, from a gathering at your local library to all day seminars. Some of the topics are discussed on multiple dates, so check the full schedule if you cannot attend a class. You can even become a master gardener yourself. Be sure to subscribe  so you don’t miss anything. Enter your email in the ‘Follow this blog’ box to the right and we will send you a note when we update the site.

Events Open to the Public


                          • April 17 ~  Gardening with Kids.  Bring the kids and stay to learn. We will plants some seeds to take home and talk about other ways plants manage to propagate themselves. Yes, we will play in the dirt and may even travel to outer space. See you at the Elwood Library at 4:00.
                          • April 20 ~ Home Vegetable Gardening. Do not miss this opportunity to learn vegetable gardening tips from a long time Master Gardener. Experience is the best teacher, but this will let you bypass common mistakes and go straight to success.  Anderson Library, Delaware Room at 2:00
                          • April 23 ~ Native Bees. Bees have been in the news a lot recently. Most of the coverage focuses on bees kept in hives for honey. While the threats to these bees is real, our native pollinators get little attention. Learn how to attract these wonderful creatures to your yard and support their continued existence. Become a bee advocate. Anderson Library, Cardinal Room at 6:00.
                          • April 24 ~ Composting with Kids.  All those vegetable and fruit peelings can be converted into plant treats. Bring the kids and stay to learn how to do this in your own home. Your plants will thank you. Elwood Library at 4:00.
                          • April 25 ~ Community Gardens. What is a community garden? Come find out. Learn how a shared garden can change a neighborhood and the lives of its residents. Frankton Library 6:30
                          • April 27 ~  ArborfestCelebrate trees! The City of Anderson is hosting Arbor Fest at Shadyside Park. The fun begins at 11 and continues until 3. MCMGA will be there to answer your gardening questions, talk about upcoming events and demonstrate some gardening techniques.
                          • May 5 ~ Unique Container Gardening. This is perfect for apartment and condo dwellers. Maybe you’re just tired of working in the yard. Try containers. You can grow flowers and vegetables, Not many things better than that tomato you’ve grown yourself. Alexandria Library at 2:00
                          • May 6 ~ Unique Container Gardening. Miss this program yesterday? Not sure about something? Maybe you’re suffering from the dreaded, ‘I wish I would have asked about that’ feeling? We’re doing it again! Frankton Library at 6:30
                          • May 11 ~  Annual Plant Sale.  You know you need more plants. It’s time to get them. Come find that perfect hosta or a pot of day lilies to fill in that corner of the yard you hate to trim. This year we will offer a selection of annual containers and houseplants for your Mothers’ Day gift needs. Tool sharpening will be offered for a donation to MCMGA (limit 2 tool). Don’t miss the vendors that will offer bee friendly housing and garden decor. The Madison County Soil and Water Conservation District will be on hand to share their programs from soil testing to rain barrels.
                          • May 14 ~ Community Gardens. It was so awesome the first time we’re doing it again. Come hear how community gardens work and ways you can participate. Elwood Library at 6:00.
                          • May 16 ~ Gardening with Native Bees. What is a native bee? Learn what to plant to attract these native helpers to your garden. Come hear it again or for the first time. Frankton Library at 6:30
                          • May 21 ~ Gardening with Native Bees. Don’t want to have hives in your yard? No worries. Come learn what to plant to attract these native helpers to your garden. Come hear it again or for the first time. Elwood Library at 6:00
                          • May 23 ~ Butterfly Gardens.Everyone loves butterflies but who knows how to attract them to your yard and keep them happy there? We do. Learn the ins and outs of caring for these beautiful and endangered creatures. Anderson Library at 6:00
                          • June 6 ~ Container Gardening. No space outside or have difficulty getting down on the ground? This program is for you. Prepared to be amazed by all you can do in pots. Lapel Library at 6:00
                          • June 6 ~ Camp Dig-A-Lot. Is there a child in your life that loves gardening? This is the perfect opportunity to nurture that passion. A full day of gardening fun. Watch here for registration information.
                          • June 8~ Plant Sale II.  This time we’re doing it in Anderson at the historic Gruenwald House. The gardens behind the house are maintained by MCMGA members and feature planting that would have been included by residents when the home was built. Herbs, both culinary and medicinal, as well as flowers will be offered for sale. We will also have many of our standard offerings. The House will be open for tours during that sale. Enjoy an historic afternoon 11:00-3:00. see you there!
                          • June 13 ~  Butterfly Gardening. Come learn how to attract these native friends to your garden and keep them happy and healthy. Lapel Library at 5:30.
                          • June 22 ~  Garden Tour. It’s back by popular demand. This year we are focusing on gardens in northern Madison County and will include the Historic Gruenewald House. We are working on E-ticketing so you can get your pass right here on the website.
                          • June 27 ~ Gardening with Native Bees.Last time to hear about native bees this summer. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the creatures that help make our gardens possible. Lapel Library at 5:30.
                          • August 15~ Purdue Master Gardener Intern Class. Learn more than you ever thought there was to know as a Master Gardener Intern. Classes will meet on Thursday evenings from 6:00-9:00. Amaze your friends and family with your knowledge about everything from perennials to turf. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity.
                          • Indiana Garden School ~ September 7. .Join us at the Madison County 4-H Fairgrounds in Alexandria for this learning experience. Classes begin at 9am. Vendors will be there so you can shop for something new to enhance your home or garden. This event helps fund the Madison County Master Gardener Association’s scholarship program. Watch for more details on classes and registration.
                          • ~ Opportunities to Volunteer and Learn ~

                            The following events are great opportunities for the Madison County Master Gardeners to volunteer their time and talents, or to take classes and attend conferences to further their education.  These events will occur before you know it, so sign up, mark your calendars, and plan to attend!

                            Events For Master Gardeners Only

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