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Look what’s happening in Madison County.

Opportunities to enhance your gardening knowledge abound right in your backyard. There is something for everyone, from a gathering at your local library to all day seminars. You can even become a master gardener yourself. Check back often for the latest events. To ensure that you don’t miss anything, subscribe. Enter your email in the ‘Follow this blog’ box to the right and we will send you a note when we update the site.

Events Open to the Public


  • May 17 ~  Container GardeningLove flowers and fresh vegetables but lack the space for a garden? Have mobility issues that limit your ability to get on the ground? Just want to liven up things? This program is for you! Make the most of a small space or add some wow to your front door. See you at the Lapel Library at 6:00.
  • May  22 ~  Butterfly GardeningLove flowers and fresh vegetables but lack the space for a gar Learn how to plant to attract. We will share the secrets of drawing these beauties to your garden. What to plant and how to care for your other planting to maximize your garden allure. Elwood Library at 6:00
  • May  24 ~  Butterfly Gardening.  We are doing it again. Another opportunity to learn how best to enhance your garden by bringing in Butterflies. This time at the Frankton Library at 6:00
  • June 7 ~ Camp Dig-A-Lot. Is there a child in your life that loves gardening? This is the perfect opportunity to nurture that passion. A full day of gardening fun. Watch here for registration information.
  • June 14 ~  Perennials and Native Plants.  Are you tired of digging and planting new flowers every year? Reduce your work by adding perennials. These are plants that return year after year. Avoid the expense of replacing plants that are supposed to return, but fail to, by using Native plants. So many beautiful plants that are already accustomed to the Indiana weather.  If you’re lucky some butterflies may even visit. It’s a win, win, win, at the Elwood Library at 6:00.
  • June 16 ~ Plant Sale II.  This time we’re doing it in Anderson at the historic Gruenwald House. The gardens behind the house are maintained by MCMGA members and feature planting that would have been included by residents when the home was built. Herbs, both culinary and medicinal, as well as flowers will be offered for sale. We will also have many of our standard offerings. The House will be open for tours during that sale. Enjoy an historic afternoon 11:00-3:00. see you there!
  • June 18~  Square Foot Gardening.  Based on the undated, best selling book by Mel Bartholemew,  this program will inspire you to change the way you garden. This method is so much easier than traditional row gardening. It can easily be adapted for folks that have mobility issues. Make it a table top garden or put it on wheels. Too much shade for vegetables? Just move it with the sun.  Alexandria Library at 6:00.
  • August 14~ Purdue Master Gardener Intern Class ~ Learn more than you ever thought there was to know as a Master Gardener Intern. Classes will meet on Tuesday evenings from 6:00-9:00. Amaze your friends and family with your knowledge about everything from perennials to turf. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity. Master Gardener Intern Class
  • Indiana Garden School ~ September 8. Join us at the Madison County 4-H Fairgrounds in Alexandria for this learning experience. Classes begin at 9am. Vendors will be there so you can shop for something new to enhance your home or garden. This event helps fund the Madison County Master Gardener Association’s scholarship program. Watch for more details on classes and registration.
  • ~ Opportunities to Volunteer and Learn ~

    The following events are great opportunities for the Madison County Master Gardeners to volunteer their time and talents, or to take classes and attend conferences to further their education.  These events will occur before you know it, so sign up, mark your calendars, and plan to attend!

    Events For Master Gardeners Only

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