2 thoughts on “2019 Madison County Master Gardener Tour

  1. Nice tour today. Thanks to all who welcomed us into their lovely yards & gardens. It’s a joy to see your creativity, surround ourselves with the beauty of nature & appreciate all the hard work you put into getting things ready! The tour is on my “must do” list for summer & I’m so glad you reinstated it again this year. I learned a new thing or two & finished the day inspired & smiling. Have a relaxing evening…you deserve it.

    The only constructive comment I’d like to make is that I prefer to know the addresses/locations in advance of the tour so I can start where I want & plan my own route. Since 2 of the gardens were between home & the Gruenwald house I could’ve toured much more efficiently if I had know that in advance. Please reconsider that option. Thanks for your consideration.


    • So glad you enjoyed the tour. We are already hard at work on the 2020 Tour. We do not release the addresses in advance to keep folks from going in for an early look. This has been a problem in the past so we keep the lid on to protect the home owners privacy. Thanks for your support and we will look forward to seeing you this summer. Melanie


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