Master Gardener Intern Class

Become a Purdue Master Gardener this fall! Starting August 14th, this group will meet weekly on Tuesday evenings  from 6:00 to 9:00. After completion, you will have the opportunity to work along side experienced Master Gardeners to hone your skills and contribute to your community in a variety of activities. Check back for registration form or contact the Madison County Extension Office 765/641-9514.



4 thoughts on “Master Gardener Intern Class

  1. I searched the site a bit more closely and found the beginning documents, ae a question and have qnother question. I have and Alaskan Cruise schedule that will cause me to be absent for at least one meeting in September. Does that rule me out of the program for this year or can I do make up work? Or, can I try to find a Madison County relative to take the class with me and share those notes and content?
    Mike Evans


    • Greetings!
      Sorry for the long delay in responding. I could not find your question. Learning curve on website committee is steep. It is fine for you to go ahead and take the class. You will need to attend a class covering the topic you miss in a neighboring county. We can help you sort this out, when it is offered in a location that is convenient for you. Hope to see you in the class. Melanie


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